Ways to Use Lemons Around the House

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Lemons are fantastic for many different reasons whether it be in the kitchen of your home to a natural disinfectant hand scrub. Grab a lemon, and follow these steps to a naturally clean home.

Use Lemon To Scent Your Clothes
Leave thinly sliced strips of lemon peel to dry out well over several days, then put them in your wardrobe, chest or dresser drawers.

Remove The Odor From Your Hands
Like fish, onion or garlic by rubbing them with fresh lemon juice.

Disinfect Drinking Water
Add a squeeze of lemon juice to disinfect drinking water that you think might be contaminated with bacteria.

Remove Cutting Board Stains
Sprinkles the cutting board with salt, cut the lemon in half and rub on top of the board be sure to rinse. 

Garbage Disposal Smell
Cut up some lemons, turn on your disposal and throw them inside the sink make sure to rinse it down with cold water. This can also work with limes and oranges, too!